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RaanPahMuang Fishermans Pants Cotton Samurai Wrap with Japanese Crane Bird Print

  • Availability: In Stock

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  • 100% Cotton

  • RaanPahMuang quality hand made Fair Trade Thai clothing brand

  • Very Important: These are Samurai Gapaeng pants where one leg is larger than the other, this creates a wrap effect when legs are closed

  • Middle thickness Muang cotton, suitable for cold climates, 100% cotton

  • Unisex, can be worn by men, women, and anything in between

  • Super baggy Thai wrap Fisherman pant

  • Genuine high quality RaanPahMuang brand product, hand made in Thailand under Fair Trade conditions. We take care of attention to detail to ensure you receive a high quality yet ethical item.

    - Fisherman pants are wrap pants that fold across your front when worn, one pair can fit many sizes, we give both the full waist measurement and a range of wearer waist measurements we feel the pair is suitable for.
    - This is a special fisherman pants style where one leg is wider than the other.
    - There are a couple of inches above the waist ties which fold down after tied to create the unique belt appearance, this means the length of the pants from waist to bottom hem (outseam) after worn will be shorter than the full length measurement.
    - Inseam on fishermans pants is not an important measurement as these pants are made with a very low crotch for extreme comfort.

    Full waist: 48inches (122cms)
    Suitable for waists: 26-32inches (66-81cms)
    Length: 40inches (102cms)

    Full waist: 56inches (142cms)
    Suitable for waists: 30-38inches (77-96cms)
    Length: 41inches (104cms)

    Full waist: 66inches (168cms)
    Suitable for waists: 38-48inches (99-122cms)
    Length: 42inches (107cms)

    Fabric: Muang Cotton
    Reasonably thick cotton, can shrink and the colours may run, especially on the first few washes.

    RaanPahMuang Fishermans Pants Cotton Samurai Wrap with Japanese Crane Bird Print

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